Plastic Clear and Crystal Clothes Hangers

Our collection of clear and crystal hangers will helps you not just enhance the appearance of your racks but also save handsome money.

We are concerned about your business and your sale's points, so you well knew that there's more to racking up sales than a successful product; you also have to find a way to create orderly and attractive retail displays that draw customers to your racks.

Choosing the right plastic hangers is an important task for many types of small business.

Thus making the right retail display decisions and using the ideal plastic hangers offers you these benefits:

  • Flexibility. The right kind of plastic hangers offers many ways to effectively present your garment's collection to customers and the ability to change without a lot of trouble.
  • Efficiency. Everyone in retail knows that space is at a premium. Since you don't want to waste the space you're paying for, it pays to use a plastic hangers and display racks efficiently.
  • Improved sales and lower costs. Choosing the right plastic hangers that can be used many times, allowing you to dedicate a little money and resources to the products that those help you sell.

You can found-out that our collection not just helps you to improve the look of your fashion or seasonal collection but also makes more ease for your customers pick-up the merchandise.

Coordinate Hanger PCH100 (6K)

Plastic Clear Coordinate Hanger Model PCH100

  • This hanger comes with notched shoulders, pants bar and two hooks below the shoulders that will bring you more option for hanging straps as well other accessories.
  • Length: 34.5 cm. Height: 18.0 cm.
  • It's intended for 2 pieces coordinates but you can also use it for hangs tops.

Dress Hanger PCDH100 (5K)

Plastic Crystal Dress Hanger Model PCDH100

  • This hanger features saving-space body, notched shoulders, two hooks below the shoulders for the option of hanging straps and sturdy metal swivel hook.
  • Length: 30.0 cm. Height: 18.3 cm.
  • These transparent hangers are ideal not just for dresses but also for blouses, t-shirts and shirts.

Dress Hanger PCDH101 (5K)

Plastic Crystal Dress Hanger Model PCDH101

  • This hanger combined luxury transparent body, notched shoulders, two built-in hooks for hanging straps and supportive metal swivel hook. It will allows you hang dresses as well light tops.
  • Length: 41.5 cm. Height: 22.5 cm.
  • These crystal hangers are good option not just display dresses but also tops such blouses and t-shirts.

Kids Dress Hanger PCDK100 (5K)

Plastic Crystal Kids Dress Hanger Model PCDK100

  • This hanger will improves the appearance of your Infantile's Collection. Its features included space-saving flat body and notched shoulders.
  • Length: 30.0 cm. Height: 16.5 cm.
  • These crystal hangers are the perfect ones for fancy kids dresses as well for blouses, t-shirts and shirts.

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