Plastic Clear and Crystal Clothes Hangers

Kids Dress Hanger PCDK101 (5K)

Plastic Crystal Kids Dress Hanger Model PCDK101

  • This Kids Dress Hanger comes with saving-space body, notched shoulders and fixed plastic hook. The hanger will helps you to display not just dresses but also light tops as well outfits with straps.
  • Length: 24.7 cm. Height: 15.5 cm.
  • It's intended for 2 pieces coordinates but you can also use it for hangs tops.

Kids Dress PCDK103 (5K)

Plastic Crystal Kids Dress Hanger Model PCDK103

  • This hanger comes with notched shoulders, built-in cascading holder for the option to hang additional hanger and sturdy metal swivel hook.
  • Length: 47.5 cm. Height: 22.0 cm.
  • This transparent hanger is intended for dresses but also you can use it for hangs tops.

Pants Hanger PCDH100 (5K)

Plastic Crystal Pants Hanger Model PCPH100

  • This transparent and elegant pants hanger features gorgeous design, saving-space body, pair of crystal clips and sturdy metal swivel bent hook.
  • Length: 30.0 cm. Height: 16.0 cm.
  • These transparent hangers will enhance the appearance of your fashion collection and are ideal not just for pants but also for skirts.

Suit Hanger PCSH100 (5K)

Plastic Crystal Suit Hanger Model PCSH100

  • This suit hanger comes with space-saving flat body, notched shoulders, two built-in hooks for hanging straps, pair of metal clips and supportive metal swivel hook.
  • Length: 42.0 cm. Height: 24.5 cm.
  • These crystal hangers are good option not just display two pieces coordinates and dresses but also tops such blouses and t-shirts.

Lingerie Hanger PCDK100 (5K)

Plastic Crystal Lingerie Hanger Model PCUH100

  • This features included space-saving flat body, pegs for briefs and shoulder clips for bras and slips.
  • Length: 24.6 cm. Height: 12.0 cm.
  • These crystal hangers are the perfect ones for fancy and sexy Lingerie's Collections and can be customized with your brand.

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